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Book Gamma is designed to serve a broad range of K-12 students and learns and adapts on its own to each student’s reading comprehension level.
Book Gamma helps parents and teachers to quickly identify specific areas of reading comprehension where students need support.
Book Gamma helps strong students to continue to develop and advance their reading comprehension skills.
Book Gamma helps students who learn differently or have learning disabilities to better understand and apply abstract concepts in reading comprehension. 
Book Gamma helps to level the playing field between the developed and developing worlds.

Dylan Leka - Co-Founder

Dylan Leka, a student at Emory University, is a co-founder of BookGamma. Dylan co-invented the BookGamma Artificial Intelligence powered reading application platform designed to help K-12 students with reading comprehension. Dylan is committed to solving the problems of education disparity amongst children in the developing world, such as in South Africa where he has volunteered on education-related community service projects. 

Book Gamma

25 Broadway, Fl. 9

New York, NY 10004

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